If you are here now, you probably have

a bar of my soap,

(I'm the guy on the right).
Making soap from scratch is a serious

hobby and passion of mine; soaps that

make your life more luxurious and clean!

And, I dig chemistry, so it works out.

Call us old school, but we've shirked off 

FAKEBOOK, Titter and all other social media.

Despite the self-alienation from the mainstream

internet, I still want you to have some of our quality

soap product.  We can email, or we can talk, yes talk! 

email us:  hmfic247@att.net
call us: 318-268-9192

Pictures of some of my art, er, soap, will be on this site soon. But

meanwhile, word of mouth and physical possession of a

bar is likely to be our means of getting you sold.  

My wife Helen and I, (Scott), are ready to

make you clean and mousturized

with some of the best soap in the Universe.  

Get in touch and we'll make it happen, Cap'n!